Community Expansion

Success brought further changes in the sixties. A new custodian, John Blaschuk, was selected and a walk-in fridge and new windows were installed. In 1963, definite rules were implemented regarding enrolment and parental involvement in order to instil a more formal attitude towards the teaching and promoting of traditional Croatian folklore. As a result, our groups steadily improved the quality of their performances. Enrolment rose to 78 students. The senior group was invited to perform for the Ottawa Exposition in 1961 and two years later, on the evening of Labour Day, they performed in Toronto at the CNE grandstand.


To commemorate Canada's Centennial in 1967, the Croatian National Home was heavily involved in the planning of multicultural celebrations. Certainly the Dom's tambura and kolo groups dazzled in many Centennial events and topped them all with a concert at Scott Park High School as their contribution towards Canada's birthday.


In 1969, the CNH tamburitza orchestra became a member of the Croatian Fraternal Union's Junior Tamburitza Federation and they were the only Canadian group at the CFU's first Tambura Festival in Pittsburgh. Their participation at the Festival sparked further ambition to delve into the finer aspects of Croatian culture. New costumes were designed, resulting in all members having identical attire. More money was allocated to purchase more instruments. Later that year the Croatian National Home performed at the opening ceremonies for the new, enlarged Holy Cross Church and parish hall.





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